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School-to-Prison Pipeline: Uncovering the Factors and Discovering What YOU Can Do To Help



As a part of my COR 405 class: @PrisonNation at Elon University, I have created a blog to discuss an issue I am passionate about to help improve the United States Criminal Justice System.











My Passion:

I am an education major and Teaching Fellow at Elon University. I study special education and elementary education. Additionally, I have completed a minor in Spanish and have studied abroad in Toledo, Spain. After working with at-risk youth and learning about the importance of social-emotional learning, I became very interested in the school-to-prison pipeline system. My perspective on criminal justice system is that the United States should focus on rehabilitation and reforming people's lives rather than disenfranchising citizens and not allowing them to be reintegrated into society upon being released. Especially when working with children, I have realized that behavior is often learned and can be changed, meaning that placing students in prison is not necessarily the best option to reforming their behaviors. The purpose of this blog will be to discuss different factors that contribute to the school-to-prison pipeline but also, how to get involved to stop this cycle.

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