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Project | 01

Project | 01 More Than Learning Spanish

I worked on this project for three years at Elon University. It was an undergraduate research project where I researched how students acquired language. I focused on two case studies where students with autism were able to acquire Spanish with my teaching techniques. I presented at the Student Undergraduate Research Fair in spring of 2018.

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Project | 02

Project | Pen Pals with Black and Pink
Starting last winter, and currently, I am pen pals to members of the United States incarceration system through an organization called Black and Pink. I am pen pals with various prisoners all over the United States to help them not feel alone and forgotten in the prison system. It is interesting to learn from their life experiences as well as how the incarceration system functions. 


Project | 03

Project | Letter Writing to Support Parkland 
With my job at the Curriculum Resources Center (CRC) at Elon University, I had the opportunity to help organize a chance for teachers and future teachers to write letters to Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School. This lead to discussions about teachers and their role in keeping students safe. Gun violence and student safety are issues that teachers unfortunately need to be aware about in schools today. However, reaching out and building a close education community across the country is a great way to help with this issue.
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